• Kanika Chauhan

You are my everything!!

“To the person with whom I want to spend the rest of my life” You are the keeper of my heart, every breath that I Breathe is meant for you only and it is such a beautiful thing for me.

You will always be my part, you make sing my heart, you are my love you are in my dreams, and you are my everything. What I feel for you is so strong; I’ll be within life and beyond. You are my shining light from above.

On my darkest days, you always light up my life when the rain is pouring down. You are the ray of sunshine; you are peace and happiness whenever loneliness haunts me you have always helped me to find the other side of mine. And you have helped me to let all my love flow free, no word could ever describe the depth of my love for you. And I will always love you with everything in me. It makes me happy just being by your side. I just want you to hold me tight.

I hope you are begun to see that how much I care for you. All my feelings will always be true. I can’t describe how much I care but when you need me I will be there to wipe those tears when you are sad. To make you happy when you are sad all these things I can really do just remember I am thinking of you!

You hold my heart in your hands. I could not ever dream of being with another man, you are my love, my world, my life. I can’t wait till the day when I’ll be your wife. You are my best friend, confidence and lover. You bring so much joy to me I know with you is where I meant to be. Every moment in your arms is incredible and the bond that we share is simply unbreakable.

If we ever to be separated by distance or time I would count each moment till I am in your ambience and you are in mine. I someday intend to wear losing you is my biggest fear. There is nothing that can destroy my love for you and this feeling I will always pursue. Since you come into my life my dreams have come true. I will never love anyone as much as I love you.

You are the light when there is darkness, shining brightly through your eyes. In your arms, I want to spend all my nights. My heart belongs to you only. You are the one true love in my life. Our souls are intertwined to always be like one.

May every sadness you have ever felt turn into a smile. Unselfishly I give myself to you never with hesitation because you and only you always be my partner, my lover, my friend, my everything. Feel the love without ever a doubt. It’s you’re for a lifetime.


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