• Kanika Chauhan

Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is the most prominent topic to be discussed for the development of a country. One may say that women’s who are empowered for their rights and choices creates a indicator ,an indicator of development. From the times girls and boys have being discriminated on the basis of their sex. From the childhood itself they are taught to have different attitudes as giving cars to boys and dolls to girls. Giving different toys to boys an girls is an indication to portray than that they have some basic difference between them .It is to make a sense in their mind about their responsibilities, social status and life .

It has been realized that economic and social betterment of women can not be achieved without social transformation involving structural changes, awareness about how to take benefit of various policies and schemes meant for the community thereby causing change in outlook, motivation and attitudes. This change can be achieved through greater participation of women by electing them to the grass-level institutions.

Various Community Radio Stations working in Bangalore, Gujarat being used by ministries as well as NGOs to create awareness and information about self-employment schemes, sanitation and importance of education to women. Their right to vote , right of girl child to life, right to participate in elections get promote by various success stories , dramas and programmes in folk and local languages.

Though the mainstream media has played an important role in promoting equality , rights and interests of women, but community ,media is used by local police, Panchayats and other village development authorities because it is more close to the hearts of various communities due to its use of local folk culture. This is the reason why Song and Drama division of GOI utilizes the folk forms by the tribal artists from Madhya Pradesh , Bihar and Orissa to promote development plans.

Media have consistently been highlighting the women’s issues to awaken social managers of the anguish and suffering women are subjected to. The media not only awakens the public but also forwards solutions to problems by involving their participation in eradicating ignorance ,superstition and hypocrisy. The exploitation of women-labour, low wages paid to them , lack of sanitation facilities in the rural environments, high rural-girl dropouts, flesh trade, rape ,lack of maternity and health care, high mortality rate among girls dowry deaths etc are highlighted through various columns and discussion programs by Media. But what if we are not ready to change ,we are not ready to upgrade.

A very well known fact is ” nobody can help you till you help yourself”, this simply symbolise that one need to change our mindset and behavior . Empowerment is a need and necessity for everyone and one must opt it for what ever it takes.


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