• Kanika Chauhan

WhatsApp to sue users who send way too many messages

Are you one of those who like to start their mornings with forwarding good morning messages to almost all their contacts? If yes, then this is why you should be worried about, starting in December.

WhatsApp has revised its legal terms and conditions where it has added a new facet that states that the messaging app is not intended for automated and bulk texting and if a user sends too many messages to his contacts, legal action shall be taken against him on the grounds of violating the app’s policies. The terms of services have been updated to crack down the menace of fake news and keep the safe nature of the Facebook-owned app intact. 

Earlier, the company used to only remove or ban the account of the user that in its opinion, is spreading abuse or misusing the broadcast message feature available on the app. But now starting from next month, WhatsApp may sue the users who are caught sending way too messages to their contacts. 

The off-platform information may include public claims from companies about their ability to use WhatsApp in ways that violate the company’s terms. This serves as notice that If WhatsApp finds any user abusing the WhatsApp forwarding feature beyond December 7, 2019, on its app, legal action will be taken against the account holder(s).

WhatsApp in the post insisted that nothing in its new announcement limits the company’s right to enforce its Terms using technology, such as banning accounts based on machine-learning classifiers. So, mind you next time when you intend to send way too many broadcast messages on the app.


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