• Kanika Chauhan

Ways to curb mosquito breeding in your home

Parenthood comes with many responsibilities towards children and one of them is taking care of their health and hygiene. Pesky mosquitoes, especially in this season, broke out several diseases if present in your home.

Here are four ways to prevent mosquito breeding in and around your home:

Do not let water stagnate anywhere: Stagnant water provides ground to mosquitoes for breeding. You can keep them off your home by covering buckets, coolers and containers. Clear out stagnant water immediately. This will hamper the mosquito’s process of laying eggs.

Clear the littering: Avoid collecting scrap waste in the surroundings of your home as litter is a common place for mosquitoes to hide. Daily remove the waste from your home and make sure that your neighbourhood remains clean.

Use a suitable mosquito repellent: Mosquito repellent creams may contain harmful chemicals that can damage your skin and affect children also. So carefully choose the suitable mosquito repellent.

Use physical barriers: You might have seen that evening approaches many mosquitoes to swarm towards your home. The best way to hinder their entrance at your home is using mosquito screens on windows and doors. You can use effective mosquito repellent along with this.


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