• Kanika Chauhan

Tsomgo: The glacial Lake of India

Tsomgo Lake also known as Changu Lake is a glacial lake in Sikkim which means ‘Source of water’. It is located 35 kms from Gangtok town and on the steep route which leads all the way to Nathula Pass.

This is one of the few and awesome high altitude lakes in India. The lake becomes doubly attractive with the reflections of the surrounding hills in the water.

Prior this was part of the old trade route between India and China. Mules used to carry loads along this route. Many mules would slip and die falling into the depths below. But now proper road has been built, although condition of the road usually remains bad due to snowy & foul weather conditions.

It takes about 2 hours by car from Gangtok to reach the lake. The lake is filled with water of melting snow coming from the surrounding mountains. It’s a one kilometer long oval shaped lake.


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