• Kanika Chauhan

Travel diet

Travelling promises fun and travelling for long promises more fun. But one thing that can spoil all of that is inconsistent eating. It is important to eat right while travelling for long; doing otherwise may lead to fatigue or indigestion. Consider the following options to stay full and healthy on the go.

Eat every 2-3 hours: Stock up on healthy snacks like dried fruits, nuts and peanut butter among other things. Munching these after every few hours keeps one full and energised.

Drink a lot of water:  Carrying water bottles while travelling is a must. One must drink about 8 ounces of water every hour in order to prevent dehydration. Drinking water also prevents unnecessary snacking as we often mistake thirst for hunger.

Drink some more: Start the day with some quality protein. Carry protein powder, and while stopping for coffee, add about ½ to 1 scoop of it in the cup. Another way is to mix the powder with water or skimmed milk in a bottle and drink it. Keep up the hydration by drinking cold beverages or fresh juices every now and then.

Eat fruits and greens: Depending upon their availability, one can either pack or buy fresh/frozen fruits and veggies for travelling. They help keep the body hydrated.

Balance it out: Though new food and its flavours are a part of travelling, one needs to be careful with this indulgence. The ideal travel trick is to balance out the greasy meals at lunch with the light ones during dinner.

Flush out toxins: To carry green tea on trips is a great idea. One can easily get hot water at various stops along the way and of course in hotel rooms. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, hydrates the body and aids in removing toxins.

Visit the farms: Farms offer good quality milk, cheese, butter, curd and eggs among other items. They allow one to eat healthily and appreciate the culture of the place at the same time.

Protein-rich meals: Meals that are high on protein keep the body fuller for a longer time. One must eat protein-rich meals in order to avoid the unexpected hunger pangs while travelling. This shall be considered only if one is not advised against a protein-rich diet.


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