• Kanika Chauhan

The majestic temple offers the panoramic view of Kullu

The presiding deity of Jagannathi Devi temple is the sister of Lord Vishnu, popularly known as Bhuweneshawari. It is famous among locals by the name of Bekhli Temple. Walls of the temple are carved with the beautiful presentation of Lord Durga’s various avatars. Jagannathi Temple is situated at Bhekhli.

Jagannathi Devi Temple is one of the famous temples of Kullu. It is dedicated to Goddess Bhuvaneshwari. Local people visit this 1500-year-old temple regularly to take blessings of the goddess. The temple houses beautiful carvings of different avatars of goddess Durga.

The idols present in the temple give a resemblance of Rajasthani influences on Gaddi tribal. The deity in this temple is gorgeously decorated.


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