• Kanika Chauhan

The heart of Silk sarees and quality tea-labels

Assam…! The Land of enchanted Kingdom is most famous for shopping amateurs. If you are planning to go for this beautiful place then you should cross check your pocket first. Hahaha..!! I am saying this because here, is a separate market for everything whether it is traditional crafts, silk sarees, copper items or antique jewellery. You can shop as much as you can because most of the markets are open at all times for the tourists. Except the market in Assam you will get the beautiful sight and its’ also famous for tea plants. If you are planning for this summer then you should go for Assam this time.

Jalan Tea

Assam is particularly famous for its Tea. The visit to Assam and Guwahati is incomplete without tea shopping. If you want to taste and enjoy the best quality tea here, you must come to the Jalan Tea store. Here, you can also take a taste of it before buying. Not one or two, there are many varieties of tea. So, it takes time to shop here.

The Mati Center

The Mati Centre in Guwahati is a very unique place for shopping. The products are supplied by NGOs to the entire North East India. It also aims to sensitize the needy people with the help of handcraft things. There are also a variety of artist events in which you can see even more spectacular specimens of art.


Not only in Assam, but also in Guwahati, you make shopping for beautiful silk sarees of Assam. For silk sarees You must go to Silkalay, here you will get so many variety of sarees that you won’t be able to stop yourself from taking sarees. Coral silk, septum silk, eri silk, mulberry and Tusser are many options. Apart from that, you can also take with you a special kind of Assam dress that looks like a sherung.

Pragjyoti Emporium

In each city, the government has an emporium where you can shop for the finest art and crafts of that place. It is as durable as the handmade things appear. Pragyjyoti Emporium is run by the government of Assam. From where you can buy tribal crafts, bamboo crafts and also many kinds of handlooms at very low prices. It is also best to decorate your home and give them a gift.


You can purchase the finest furnishings made from bamboos and Ken in the Jalpi. Such as the furniture you will not see anywhere else. From the kitchen to the bedroom and the living room you can decorate with this beautiful furniture. Apart from that here, you can also exchange the useless furniture of the house.


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