• Kanika Chauhan

Some bonds stay forever!!

“Without you in this World, something was missing in my life…”

Every moment fills with joy and happiness when we are so sure that there is a person who will be there to hold us every time when we fall and the best part when you get that hold without even calling them out. you have no idea as of how much that smile held on your lips means to me. I promise that I will always be there for you standing by you in every situation, sharing all the highs and lows and holding hands in hands see the world from your eyes.

Some divine bonds are very special that nobody can’t break. You can have many friends but you always have that one special person in your life with whom you can share everything without any hesitations. That special someone will stand by you, life longer whether you want him or not. Whenever I get stranded in any situation that person always rescue me like an angel. That person is a beautiful dawn which abandons my dark nights of trouble and anxiety. For me, his honesty is the real jewel which completes me in every way. I hope God will always bless us with this madness that will stay forever between us.

I want to grow old with you because you are the journey and you are the destination as well. Maybe sometime somewhere we fall apart but I know still we hold together.

As this is all we know.. this is all we know..this is all we know…

“The life is a journey and you are the final destination of this journey…”


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