• Kanika Chauhan

Nourishment of a New Life

your world is about to change when you see those two pink lines on the pregnancy test. It’s an amazing feeling to know that you are pregnant and are soon going to welcome a mini you in this world. But in this euphoria, don’t ignore your diet and health. Diet plays an important role throughout pregnancy, because when you nourish your body, you nourish the growing baby inside you.

At the same time, your body goes through many changes and to help it cope with these changes, your diet needs to be healthy and nutritious. The first few months of pregnancy require a diet rich in folates. “Folic acid is an important addition to your diet as it helps sustain and develop the embryo. In the first three months, many women also experience morning sickness. You can include soups between meals.

By the time you’re into the second trimester, your body needs an additional 300-500 calories per day to help your baby grow and please make sure to include enough iron, meats, whole grain, dried fruits and legumes. During the fifth month, your growing baby will need Vitamin C and this can be easily included with the addition of oranges and tomatoes in your daily diet. 

By the sixth month, Add a lot of protein rich food like lean meat, fish, eggs, tofu and necessary carbohydrates food etc.. For this crucial time, you’ll need these five nutrients: Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, Omega 3 fatty acids and choline. If you follow a healthy diet, your baby and your body will be fully prepared for a stress free child birth.


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