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Facebook is a huge social networking site and every day each one of us uploads photos, share our videos and thoughts, and what not. That’s why data security of Facebook is always a top priority. With an increasing number of hackers, no account on Facebook is safe. That’s why we have thought of telling you about six ways which will help you in keeping your account safe and secured. Read on.

Keep your profile picture protected 

Your profile picture is utilized as an essential apparatus for ID via web-based networking media. Unfortunately, people are really smart and can make aphone Facebook account just by using your name and even stealing your profile picture. Prevent this from occurring, Facebook has included a component called ‘Profile picture monitor’. Open your Facebook profile and snap on the present profile picture (don’t tap on ‘Update profile picture’). At the point when the profile picture opens up, click on choices at the base of the picture and select ‘Turn on profile picture watch’. A blue shield will show up on your image and nobody will most likely offer or download it any longer.

Your friends can be your authenticators 

On the off chance that Facebook identifies an unrecognized login or hacking endeavour, it will secure your record, and you wouldn’t probably get to it. The procedure to recover access to your record used to be a long one and confused one, however at this point Facebook enables you to just pick up to five confided in companions who can enable you to recapture access to your record. Go to Settings > Security and login > Choose companions to contact, and select at any rate three individuals from your companion list. In the event that you get bolted out, these companions can send you to check codes for confirmation to enable you to recapture access to your record.

Always keep an eye on the devices you use to check Facebook

Under Settings > Security and Login, Facebook shows a region called ‘Where you’re marked in’. This portion records all of the devices (PC, phone, tablet, etc.) on which you have marked in to your Facebook account. Remove any contraptions you don’t see or don’t approach any more. On the off chance that you’re unsure of the status of explicit contraptions, we endorse that you use the ‘Log out of the sum of sessions’ decision, and sign in once again. This will ensure no one else approaches your Facebook account.

View all your data

When you open your Facebook account settings, you will see another menu thing on the left – ‘Your Facebook information’. Facebook has combined access to most of your information on a single page. You can see information about you by arrangement (posts, photos, comments, likes, etc.) and download any information you need. You can even view and manage your development log from this page and control which of your activities appear on your buddies’ courses of occasions.

Manage your Facebook information

In the Facebook Information page, you also have a simple course to ‘Manage your data’. When you get to this component, you need to pick if you have to administer data on Facebook or Instagram. For Facebook, you gain pushed control on how and where Facebook uses any of your data. You can manage your region data, control contacts exchanged to Facebook, face affirmation setting, advancement tendency and various features.

Control your outsider login

The vast majority of sites and applications give you the choice to sign in using your Facebook account instead of making another record with no arrangement. While this makes things more straightforward, we as often as possible disregard to repudiate Facebook access for these untouchable applications and locales when we quit using them. Head to Settings > Apps and locales. You will see a once-over of all the dynamic applications and locales that approach your Facebook account. You can pick the applications you have to oust from the rundown, similarly as delete any posts that a particular application or site may have circulated for your advantage.


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