• Kanika Chauhan

Make love for curly hair in winters!

It’s time to take a leap and bang on into the new curly club of 2019. obviously, if we are talking about curly hair then how can we not mention about fizzyness and roughness. But only with the correct products and with suitable hair care you can get shiny and manageable curls. Curly hair will boomerang with your outfit and turn up a boring day into a ‘good hair day’. So, Here are some style tips for curly-haired lasses which can change your mind and take to the next level of style.

Firstly, the highlighting and colouring in curly hair will err so it will better if you’ll choose to streak. Secondly, use bands (cloth) for tieing them. Bands on curly hair will give a cool quotient to your look and colourful attractive head in the mob. Thirdly, curly hair are blessed with the natural texture and they hold on to the grip. Braids in curly hair are like a crown on the head. Last but not least, clips and clutches are being used to hold your hair as they are silky but in curly hair, you can use fancy accessories to give a finishing touch to your look.


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