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Licensing guidelines that you need to know

Because we are living in a society that looks to technology as everywhere in our daily lives, there are numerous possibilities in the electronic manufacturing industry. Combine this with more and more information on a subject that is cheap and easily accessible, and it is easy to realise that there will always be opportunities in the electronic manufacturing industry.

The subject of electronics manufacturing involves some different concepts and processes that are relevant to anybody who wants to understand the trends in electronics manufacturing and how they can affect their livelihood as an electronics manufacturer.

The question is not one of whether the industry itself is growing or not, but what services within the industry are raising and which ones will be less relevant over the years.

Are you part of an electronics manufacturing that is interested in saving money and workforce in manufacturing, design, or testing? Then you should know every small point on BIS License which are important for your product.

Getting BIS on your product does not only give your product importance but also gives you the edge over your competitors. BIS certified product signifies its purity, authenticity and security. Although it is an expensive affair and could become a major puzzle for medium small scale enterprise unit one should understand its importance and take it as their investment plan.

BIS certified products help you to mark your presence in government tenders as govt. only welcomes those entities whose products are certified and also enables manufacturers, brand owners and importers to import or manufacture the products seamlessly.

Today, in this article we are talking about BIS Licensing guidelines for Electronic Manufacturers

The monogram of the 'Standard Mark' consists of the graphic representation within the exact style as shown with in the figure in Annexure I. Its photographic reduction and enlargement is permitted.

The 'Standard Mark' are often displayed in single colour or multi-colour as per the details given in Annexure I. The colour scheme for the Standard Mark to be used in multicolour shall be used as shown in Annexure-II.

The registered user shall display the 'Standard Mark' or the words ‘Self Declaration-Conforming to IS along with license number on the article and/or the packaging, as the case could also be, in a manner to be easily visible. It shall be legible, indelible and non-removable. Further, the stability of marking shall be as per the provisions of the relevant Indian Standard, wherever applicable. The display of IS number, license number and words shall not be less than Arial font size 6.

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