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The process to get BIS certification in India

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

It's quite vital to make sure that the products that we are using hold good quality and safe to use. Keeping an equivalent into thought, a world agency in Geneva, Switzerland established a corporation called the world organization for Standardization (ISO).

India is additionally a member of this organization, and that is called the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Products supporting the standards mentioned by BIS are certified. The Bureau of Indian Standards reviews the Indian Standards once in 5 years.

Here, we are talking about why the Government of India encourages to get BIS certification.

1. Its assures the quality of the products

2. Its provides a safeguard to the Public Health

3. Its protects to consumers from risky products

4. Its build consumers confidence

with over the 26500 licenses covering more than 900 products, BIS Registration product Scheme is one of the biggest schemes in this universe.

In this article, we look to have the procedure for obtaining BIS Registration in India. Additionally, We also want to inform you the Government of India provides BIS Certification for products under different types of schemes as follows.

1. Normal Procedure for Domestic Manufacturers

2. Simplified Procedure for Domestic Manufacturers

3. Tatkal Scheme

4. ECO Mark Scheme

5. Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme

Products that Need BIS Certification

Not all electronic products or separate products that need BIS Registration but specific products fall under the mandatory requirement. The list of products is mentioned below-

  • Cement and Concrete

  • Diesel Engines

  • Household electronics

  • Automobile Accessories

  • Steel products

  • Wood Products

  • Leather Product

  • Food and related products

  • Oil Pressure Stoves

  • Cylinders, valves, and Regulators

  • Medical Equipment

  • Electrical Transformers

  • Testing instruments

  • Rubber and plastic

  • Machinery and equipment

Do you know how long BIS is valid for any product? The registration will be valid for 2 years and it can be renewed if the product and the standard are not changed. License renewal is performed for the minimum one year and maximum up to five years. If the license is not renewed before the expiry of the license, the applicant will have to pay a late fee of five thousand rupees.

We have learned in our article how to get BIS certificate in India. Now let us also know who can apply for it.

  • Manufacturers of the products based in India or outside India.

  • The separate Registration number for products being manufactured at different and the same locations.

Documents that you need for BIS Certification in India

  1. Application form as per the ordered format is given in Annexure I.

  2. Self Evaluation Report as per the format described in Annexure-II.

  3. Original test reports from the recognized laboratory, not older than 30 days.

  4. A scanned copy of the acknowledgement received from the portal screenshot of the online file submission.

  5. Address proof that could be any documents issued by the government.

  6. Demand draft with the guided fees along with the Xerox of DD and NEFT details.

  7. The undertaking document.

  8. Affidavit as per Format C.

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