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How COVID-19 affects job of a common man

In the time of novel corona virus, everyone is facing a health scare all across the world. The ongoing pandemic, which has taken around 3,50,000 lives globally so far, has not only created a medical emergency but also caused a major employment crisis. It has snaffled the "Bread and Butter" of many people and the worst sufferers are daily wage workers. Precisely, COVID-19 hits employment sector quite hard.

According to the International Labor Organisation, corona virus pandemic is the worst global crisis ever.

In order to curb the spread of this lethal virus, several national governments have decided to announce complete lock-down in their respective countries. As a result, many companies either shut down their offices temporarily or laid off their staff. This eventually led to increase global unemployment.

Not only this, corona virus has also halted the process of fresh hiring. Looking for a new job has now become a hard nut to crack. The lucky are the ones, who have the back of their employers and are working from home.

This is the biggest test for both employers and employees and only those people will survive who stick together in the troubled waters and come out with flying colors.

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