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Health benefits of GREEN TEA

Green tea is the most advantageous drink on earth pursued by several people nowadays. From teenagers to middle-aged individuals, everybody is being seen tasting green tea around. Green tea has turned out to be such a pattern, that individuals are gifting it to their nears and dears, so as to keep them sound. However, do you why green tea has occurred of the typical milk tea? Don’t worry as we’ve got the answers to all your questions.

As indicated by dieticians, green tea is much the same as another healthy drink with heaps of cancer prevention agents. Be that as it may, numerous individuals are as yet not mindful of the otherworldly advantages of green tea. Hence, we present to you a portion of the stunning medical advantages that you can pick up by tasting this mix.

Weight Loss

Green tea may be a well-known healthy drink for weight loss. Several celebs also include green tea in their daily routine. Green tea is created from the leaves of the old and aged plant. As per health experts, green tea is a mixture of catechins and caffeine. It will improve the human metabolism and might result in a discount of processed fat.

Slows Down Fading

Everyone wants to look younger and sometimes we are greedy to look half our age. The antioxidant-filled green tea is seen in slowing down your age effects on your skin. It moisturizes your skin and never lets it dehydrate. It helps in rejuvenating the dying skin cells. The catechin EGCG is truly advantageous, as a study has discovered that it can prevent the formation of wrinkles and dark spots caused by free radical damage.

Itchy Treatment

Dry and eccentric skin is faced by many people around. It is something really hard to deal with. But here’s the solution, having a cup of green tea helps to nourish your skin and gets rid of the dry and eccentric skin. Green tea consists of some real active ingredients that have a large potential for fighting off skin ailments.

Dandruff Eradication

Hair fall due to dandruff? Yes, it’s very common to have itchy scalp and hair fall due to dandruff. Green tea bags can help in dandruff removal too. You can use green tea bags or use green tea shampoos for your hair. Its ingredients help in eradication of fungus and dirt which causes dandruff.

Revamps Oily Skin

Is green tea good for oily skin? This question is asked by several individuals several times. And the answer is ‘yes’. We all have been through the bitter taste of green tea. However, it originates from the tannins which contain a weird taste. The compounds present in green tea, shrink your pores and decrease the sebum also known as the natural oil of the skin. All this process eventually leads to less oily skin without the dryness of chemical additives in a maximum of the commercial products.


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