• Kanika Chauhan

Grow your business with BIS Smart Registration

Ring.. ring..!! When your mobile phone rings or you receive a call on your cell phone. That’s means, you are experiencing it on an electronic device. So, we get it, most all of the items that bring us daily pleasure, from 4K HD television, Air Conditioners to feel relax and cool in summers and washing machine to clean our clothes etc are all electronic devices.

The computer has involved so much in the past years. Either some people in the world use computers for their entertainment or somewhere computers are used for research which saves lives. It helps us make our life easy like we can get any knowledge with their help in few seconds because they are small, fast and affordable. Some electronic equipment used in hospitals which help to reduce human interaction and gives accurate result in a few seconds. On many occasions, we cannot understand how electronics are helping us directly or indirectly.

So let's know how the BIS Smart Certification is beneficial for us and our business? Also, we will know what the Brand liaison does?

Save time and money – using our technical pre-check service to avoid retests and reduce cost.

Reduce risk – by ensuring your electrical and electronic products comply with Indian regulations, avoiding government under the BIS Act and reducing business disruption.

Expand market understanding – through our team of local and global experts who understand how the Indian regulations and standards apply to your product.

Introduction one-stop assistance – to meet the requirements of the India Compulsory Registration Scheme. As a BIS approved laboratory, we provide support across the entire compliance chain, from testing to registration.

Why is the Scheme important for your business?

All foreign manufacturers of regulated electrical and electronic products expected to export to India are required to obtain a BIS Product Certification License. As we have already stated that without registration, manufacturers cannot legally supply to the Indian market, with fraud and unauthorized use considered a violation of the law punishable under the BIS Act.

Your challenges

To gain access to the market of electronic and IT products, manufacturers and suppliers have to comply with Indian regulations and standards to prove high levels of safety and quality. To obtain certification, manufacturers and suppliers face the challenge of finding a locally based representative who provides high-quality market access services.

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