• Kanika Chauhan

Get your gleaming smile back with these useful hacks

As we age, our teeth lose their whiteness. Apparently, the light can’t pass through our teeth the way it once could, and as a result, it causes yellow-looking teeth.

But there had to be something that could be done, and with a little help from books, and the Net in general, we found a few tricks that can help you keep your teeth the whitest they can be. Unless you want to visit the dentist for a bleaching treatment, there are a few tricks you can do at home.

  1. Choose lipsticks that contain blue tones instead of yellow (for obvious reasons).

  2. Watch the foods and beverages that you eat and drink. They will stain your teeth. Apparently, if you can drink your beverages with a straw, less staining can take place. So you know what to do with that next glass of drink.

  3. Visit your dentist for regular cleaning and polishing. Your teeth do look nicer after a visit, so don’t put it off.

  4. Get into the habit of using floss every day. It is more important than you might realize. As a matter of fact, it might be a good idea to have floss packs in different rooms so that they are handy where ever you are.

  5. Toss your toothbrush the minute it looks frayed.

  6. If you are unsure about the right toothpaste for you, ask your dentist for a recommendation. He will be very happy to suggest something.

  7. Home whitening.. don’t use baking soda for stain removal more than once a week. Using more often could remove the enamel from your teeth.


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