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Risky microbes are hiding all over your kitchen, and how you are putting away your nourishment may very well put friends and family in danger. While a few things dependably need refrigeration, others ought to immovably remain outside the ice chest or else chance being destroyed and unappetizing. Do you know which items to put where?

Every sustenance has its exceptional criteria of how it ought to be taken care of and where it’s protected to store. Figure out how to ensure yourself, and your friends and family as keep your sustenance fresher, longer and more delicious. Peruse on to discover the 35 sustenance things that you shouldn’t keep in your icebox.

Nuts and Dried Fruits

Nuts and dried organic products shouldn’t be put away in the cooler. The chill temperature of the ice chest can cover the nutty flavour and make dried organic products excessively firm and bland. It’s ideal for keeping the nuts and dried natural products in an impenetrable compartment in the kitchen rather than the ice chest.


Mustard is another of those sauces that individuals for the most part simply put in the refrigerator without reconsidering. However, there is no compelling reason to. Much the same as ketchup, mustard has an exceptionally high corrosiveness content, so mustard is very self-protecting.


A few sustenance can protect themselves, similar to vinegar. It has an uncertain time of usability. It’s prescribed to keep vinegar in a cool, dull spot, out of direct daylight. A kitchen cabinet is impeccable. This goes for plain vinegar.

Peanut butter spread

Who likes to shake hard nutty spread that won’t spread? There is no compelling reason to keep nutty spread in your icebox, so don’t. Aside from not spreading, the nutty spread will get dry and hard whenever kept in the fridge.


Melons are best and juiciest at room temperature. That goes for all melons, regardless of whether watermelon, melon or honeydew. The USDA researched on the theme and found this was without a doubt the case and that being at room temperature keeps cancer prevention agents unblemished.


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