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Food distribution program by Maanas India Foundation

Food is life, The One who knows the importance of food, its struggles and hard work for earning it, that is Brahma as per hindu religion.

Food is life and food is the right of everyone. That is what Maanas Bhogh distribution is thinking, an institution which has been supplying free food to many poor, destitute, untidy plates from since very long time. In keeping with its commitment, this institution organized its food distribution program in Yamuna Bank on 14th of July 2015, named “Maanas Bhog Vitaran”.

Maanas India Foundation is a registered organization under the Indian Social Registration Act, 1860. Which is working for the improvement of education, health and empowerment of the deprived people and the improvement of social security.

Guests who are the part of this glorified movement included the famous hymn singer Kumar Sanjay ji, Anil Shrivastav (Cinematic Video Grapher), Ankur Saxena (Managing Director at Ladakh Films) and Somain Nath (former chief engineer in Foster Wheeler) and currently Candidate Wedding Photography.

This is a 12 (A) certified organization and in the favor of the Money India Foundation, donations made to them by the people have been exempted under Section 80G of IT (Income Tax) Regulations. Since January 14, 2018, Maanas Sansthan is spreading its campaign to provide free food to unemployed people across the world.

Not only this, this institution is providing free food to the needy in many areas of Pandav Nagar, Shakarpur and Yamuna Bank Khadar. On an average, food is provided to more than 5000 people every day in this institution.

The only goal of this organization is to serve the weak sections of the society, which includes – the new hope in the hearts of poor and disadvantaged children, young mothers, elderly and especially handicapped people with their own thinking and work labour.


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