• Kanika Chauhan

Fish is the healthiest food you can include in your diet

Almost every nutritionist worth her salt will tell you to consume more fish to reach your weight loss and fitness goals. Fish, they say, is the healthiest food you can include in your diet. However, until now, the reasons were not clear why dietitians and nutritionists included fish in most healthy diet. According to recent studies by Chalmers University of Technology,fish is linked to better long-term neurological health. A certain protein called parvalbumin is found in great quantities in different fish species.

This helps prevent formation of certain protein structures that are closely associated with Parkinson’s disease.So, are all kinds of fish good for us? According to Chitalia, oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines are related to prevention of the onset of dementia. Sahaya adds that fish varieties such as trout, tuna and salmon are considered to be the healthiest.


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