• Kanika Chauhan

Explore the best theme park in Shillong with your kids

The most important and the first thing you’ll notice while entering Lady Hydari Park in Shillong is that it is designed in a Japanese garden style.

The dotted landscape with small ponds, rhododendron plants and willow trees with its ground touching leaves are unmistakably Japanese inspired. The park is also the only place with a mini zoo therefore, all the animal lovers and kids surely visit this park.

Without a doubt it is the best children themed Park. Kids in school uniforms are often seen along with teachers, either on the swing or taking an educational tour at the mini Zoo. The mini Zoo keeps animals and many bird species like Jackal, Himalayan black bear, porcupine Leopard, hornbill, kite, mynah etc.

Lady Hydari Park is named after the first lady of area, wife of the first Governor of Assam. A small house inside the park houses a museum. Its main aim is to highlight the State’s rich biodiversity. You get to see stuffed leopard, skulls of elephant, photos of rare animals found in the state and the dried skin of python clipped to the wall.


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