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Dehradun That Never Fails To Fascinate Every Visitor

Dehradun is a small pleasant valley known for its greenery, breathtaking beauty and mesmerizing weather. It is one place that everyone thinks of visiting once. If you are planning to visit this place then here is a list of few places that is worth visiting.


Are you one of those who love nature as well as serenity?

Then this is the perfect place for you. Also known as ‘Mindrolling Monastery’, this holy place is 220 feet in height and has five floors in total. Each floor has unique statues of Buddha as well as the embellished paintings that depict the life of Buddha. On reaching the top floor one can perfectly capture the mesmerizing beauty of the place. This place is the centre of attraction for many Buddhist and foreign travelers. Visitors can sit in the well maintained green park and feel the true essence of Buddhism here. This temple also has cafes to serve your delicacies. Not to forget you can also find some unique handicrafts made by the Buddhist people here.


This historical temple is very famous among devotees and explorers. Situated on the seasonal river Asan, it contains one of the oldest Shivling inside the cave. As the water droplets continuously drop on the Shivling, the name ‘Tapkeshwar Mahadev’, stuck on. The number of temples built around the river easily catches the attention of the visitors. One can soak themselves in the tranquility and enjoy nature at its best.


If you are all about long peaceful walks then FRI is the right place to fulfill your purpose. This historical place is spread over 2000 acres of area. The area has been beautifully maintained. You can witness wide range of trees in the campus. It also offers the visitors a view of the world famous forest museums and botanical gardens that make this place more interesting for the tourists. Its majestic colonial styled building designed in Greek Roman architecture is a national heritage which itself is a thing of honour for Dehradun.


Ever dreamt of a place where you can walk in water surrounded with beautiful caves? Yes, this is the place. This place was the hideout for many dacoits during the British-raj so the Britishers named it as Robber’s cave. It was otherwise known as Gucchupani. A favorite spot for couples and explorers. One can witness waterfalls just beyond the caves. The flowing stream charms visitors. This is the best place to visit during summers in order to get some relief from the scorching heat.


A serene and tranquil place covered with wide range of Himalayan vegetation is an ultimate tourist place providing natural water pools to all visitors. These waterfalls add more visual treats for the visitors. Sahastradhara also provides unique airy rides through rope-way to the tourists to the hilltop. One can enjoy the scenic beauty from the top, too. Keeping in mind the large number of visitor, one water amusement park has also been built. Do you still need more reasons to visit it?


One the most-visited waterfalls is famous especially among youngsters. This is an amazing place for trekking and sightseeing. The water pools here are by far the most clear pools you will ever see. You can trek through the water pools. Not to forget, you can find a huge range of butterflies as well as birds that you haven’t seen anywhere else. Also it serves a perfect location for the avid photographers.


As the name suggests, this gurudwara attracts a large number of devotees all round the year. But the unique historical interior of this entire place catches the eyes of many historians, architects and storytellers. Also known as ‘Darbar Sahib’, this place was built by Ram Rai in 17th century by 17th guru of Sikhs. A special fair called ‘Jhande ka mela’ takes place every year in his memory where a large number of people gather to seek blessings.


It is perhaps the world’s first memorial built by an army to honour their opponents. This fact itself becomes a thing of pride and honour. Britishers built this memorial to pay tribute to their General Gilaspy and Gorkha General Balbhadra Thapa. Gorkhas are still remembered for their valour act and hence one must visit this place if they love history.


If you are clueless about any specific place to visit then this entire area itself can help. One can also find number of shopping complexes, temples and monasteries in this area. This particular area has number of food corners and lovely cafes at the road side with greenery all the way long. You can sit in these eating joints and enjoy the surroundings at its best.


The mandir is situated on the hilltop at Kuthalgate. This place catches the attention of all the travelers passing by from Dehradun to Mussorie. One of the ancient temples of the town stood for a special quality of no donation rule. The owner runs a gemstones store and provide all day ‘Langar’ to the visitors as well as devotees. The entire temple can be seen decorated by fresh flowers. Its scenic beauty due to its location adds cherry on the cake and so one must visit this place.


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