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Chill yourself with a cup of tea

Good news for tea lovers…

Drinking loose-leaf tea has many advantages over tea bags. Full leaf tea impart the finest flavor characteristics to the water, whereas broken or crushed tea bags often impart bitter properties to the tea. Staying cool in such a hot summer is really a challenge. But a chilling glass of ice tea can do wonders to keep you cool, and more important calm. Apart from this, the tea has many other long-term benefits for you and your health.

A cup of green tea a day keeps cancer away

Doctore advise that the best way to toast your health all through the years could be a healthy cup of tea. Green tea is consumed more than black tea green tea retains its olive green color, its natural polyphones, and is only one percent caffeine by weight. Long touted for its health benefits, green tea retains much Vitamin C, antioxidants, chlorophyll and minerals, and presents a subtle color and flavor. Drinking tea can significantly reduce the chance of Lung Cancer.

Compared to most of the popular black tea, green tea is unfermented and has undergone less processing. It’s also full of cancer-fighting antioxidants, which has caused doctors to urge people to drink more of it since lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer in both men & women. Smoker’s, ex-smokers and others who are at a high risk of lung cancer can greatly benefit from green tea.

Traditional and Classic Flavored Teas

Much of the tea character comes from the initial choice of leaves and the method of manufacture. They contain the traditional blend of rich Black Tea and Oolong tea with Natural Flavors blended with Marigold Petals. Those who are the light drinkers will prefer the Oolong and strong-flavored will prefer the Black tea variety.

Orange Blossom and Natural flavors

These teas maintain the bodily fluid Balance, a completely natural product, which does not have any artificial coloring preservatives. Black tea has an antioxidant effect, keeping to prevent the formation of Cancer-inducing substances in body cells.

Research programs conducted indicate teas benefit against heart diseases, stroke, and thrombosis, because Caffeine in tea acts as a gentle stimulant and thus helps to keep the walls of blood vessels soft, reducing Arteriosclerosis (hardening of arteries).

The above-mentioned effects are not the only benefits. Tea can increase the concentration alertness, accuracy and enhances the senses of taste and smell. It also stimulates digestive juices and metabolism, including liver and kidneys, thus eliminating toxins and other unwanted substances from the body.

Polyphenols in tea also help to inhibit the absorption of cholesterol into the blood stream and help to prevent the formation of blood clots.


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