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Chandni Chowk – never ending shopping list

Shopping…! The word gives every girl a curve on her lips. Shopping is not only fun or for time pass, now it’s become the favourite hobby! Whatever might be the reason, shopping is an ongoing activity. Shopping in Delhi means the two will always go hand in hand. You will at some point end up in Chandni Chowk. The streets of an exciting place for the whole family to shop no need introduction.

The major attraction for habitual shoppers and busiest market of Delhi is defined by crowded streets and more than a thousand shops. This place is a hub for all kinds of stuff like clothes, books, furnishings; electronics. Pieces of jewellery… the list is never endless.

Here’s an endless list of the best places to shop in Chandni Chowk Market.

Dariba Kalan – the place is all about Silver

If you like to wear ornaments but you think they are expensive so here is the best and cheap popular market for Silver Jewellery, Ornaments and Old coins. This is one and only street for incomparable pearl in Chandni Chowk area of Old Delhi. Not just silver though – you will find Kundan and Meenakari jewellery, plus shops selling sensuous Indian perfume attars (Ittar), perfumes and oils too.

Nai Sarak – that doesn’t look new at all

Nai Sarak a popular and well known book destination for book lovers. The street brings you right back for school and college, textbooks, fiction and non-fiction novels, guides for competitive exams and stationery supplies. Surely you will find great happiness here because of its whole sale price.

Bhagirath Palace – hub of fancy and elegant lights

The palace mainly focuses on Light. “When God said let there be light, Bhagirath Palace took it quite seriously.” Asia largest market for electronics and electric goods is popular among the people for fancy and elegant lights.

Kinari Bazaar – ideal for wedding shopping

Perfect place for wedding shopping is Kinari Bazaar. The galli is selling fabrics, zari borders, Parsi borders, and ribbon laces, motifs for sarees and kurtas, and latkans too. Apart from that, you can find fancy party wear and go on a crazy shopping fling while you are here. And at the end of an exhausting round of shopping, you can reward yourself with a delish paratha at the famed Paratha Wali Galli that’s right next to it.

Chawri Bazaar – scores of shops selling invitation cards

Shopping in Delhi can get a little awesome but you don’t know what it really means till you’ve been to Chawri Bazaar – scores of shops selling invitation cards, twisting rows of customers at the printers’, milling crowds looking for copper and paper products, loaded trucks, frisky motorcycles, super-slow rickshaws winding their way up and down the gully! But whether you want wedding cards or art paper or copper door fixtures, although after a little struggle you can find it at Chawri Bazaar.

Katra Neel – a market for indigo merchants

The cloth market for Katra Neel is another best place for wedding shopping. This is situated near Chunna Mal ki Haveli, an old grand mansion from the 19th century. Here you will find all types of fabrics like silk, satin, cotton, crepe, muslin, etc. now days it is famous for its shops selling wedding finery and jewelry. One and only wholesale shop for mehndi and you know we can’t have a wedding without henna!

Khari Baoli – the hub of Spices

Asia’s largest spice market Khari Baoli gets name from a saltwater step-well that was in the area once. The step well is gone, but the market’s legacy as a spice hub carries on, often with 9th or 10th generation merchants. A little piece of chef’s heaven is filled with many textures of fresh spices, vibrant colors and aromas and the sounds of merchants and buyers busy with business.


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