• Kanika Chauhan

Awareness about User Credentials

Customers are advised in their own interest not to disclose any confidential information related to their Account no., ATM card, PIN, TPIN, CVV no. UPI details over phones/SMS/ e-mails, no matter how convincing / appealing such calls, mails may be. There are attempts fraudulently withdraw money from your accounts.

IRCTC NEVER makes phone calls, sends e-mails/SMS asking customers to disclose their personal or security information such as username, password, OTP, Card/PIN/CVV no, UPI Details for any refunds, TDR or any other case E ticket cancellation refund process is fully automatic. There is no human intervention required in the refund process. Users are requested not to share their account details in any form.

Users are requested not to share their booking and cancellations details on social media platforms to avoid misuse by miscreants.

Users are also requested not to search Google and other similar platforms for IRCTC related queries as these platforms contain many miscreant mobile apps and solutions aimed at misusing user credentials. Users should refer to IRCTC website for all ticketing and refund related queries. IRCTC NEVER asks your personal banks details for any reasons. Sharing personal Details May lead to frauds.


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