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All You Need To Know About Filing An Online Claim For PF Withdrawal

Retirement fund body EPFO or Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation permits subscribers to withdraw cash from their Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) corpus below sure conditions. In EPF, a compulsory contribution is subtracted from the wage of AN worker and contributed towards the provident fund. The subscribers will place a claim for fund withdrawal on-line via EPFO’s website- epfindia.gov.in. The claim is then forwarded to the leader for approval. Once approved, the quantity is attributable to the subscriber’s account inside ten days, in keeping with the EPFO.

Here are key things subscribers need to know before initiating an EPF claim online:

The claim forms that can be used by the employee for initiating an online claim are PF Final Settlement (Form19), Pension Withdrawal Benefit (Form10-C) and PF Part Withdrawal (Form31), according to EPFO.

Requirements for filing EPF claim online

In order to file an online claim, subscriber should have activated his/her Universal Account Number (UAN) and the mobile number used for activating UAN should be in the working condition. Subscriber’s Aadhaar details should be seeded in EPFO database. Member’s bank account along with IFSC code should also be seeded in EPFO database. Permanent Account Number (PAN) should be seeded in EPFO database for PF (Provident Fund) final settlement claims in case his/her service is less than 5 years.

Service requirements for online filing of PF final settlement claims (Form-19)

Date of joining and date of exit of member should be available in the EPFO database. Subscriber should not be working presently under any establishment covered under the PF Act. The claim should be submitted not before two months after leaving establishment, according to EPFO.

Additional service requirements for online filing of pension withdrawal benefit claim (Form-10C)

Members whose total service is more than 6 months and less than 9.5 years can use this form.

Service requirements for online filing of PF Part Withdrawal Claim (Form-31)

Member’s date of joining should be available in the EPFO database.


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