• Kanika Chauhan

5 tips to get a good night’s sleep in summer

Months of May, June and July are that of scorching heat and humidity in most parts of the country. With the temperature crossing 40 degree Celsius on most days, the ‘above normal’ heat makes it extremely difficult to maintain a healthy sleep cycle. Here is 5 steps in how one can get a good night’s sleep in the summer:

Avoid alcohol: It saps essentials fluids from your body. While it may seem like a good idea to drink a tower of chilled beer with your friends, in the long run, it will dehydrate you.

Invest in a quality fan: A good fan uses minimal electricity and makes no noise. A good fan also works wonders in hot temperatures.

Sleep alone: According to a research, around 36 percent couples sleep in separate beds to stay cool during hot nights to avoid basking in each other’s body heat.

Have a cold shower before you sleep: A cold shower will help reduce your core body temperature. It will also help you sweat a little less.

Use sheets instead of duvets: Most of us are unable to sleep without a quilt. However, the wiser thing to do would be to use plain cotton sheets to cover yourself instead of a thick duvet.


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